When i see u smile

When i see u smile


Sometimes I wonder

How I’d ever make it through,

Through this world without having you

I just wouldn’t have a clue


‘Cause sometimes it seems

Like this world’s closing in on me,

And there’s no way of breaking free

And then I see you reach for me


Sometimes I wanna give up

I wanna give in,

I wanna quit the fight

And then I see you, brownie

And everything’s alright,

everything’s alright


When I see you smile

I can face the world,

you know I can do anything

When I see you smile

I see a ray of light,

I see it shining right through the rain

When I see you smile

brownie, when I see you smile at me


Brownie there’s nothing in this world

that could ever do

What a touch of your hand can do

It’s like nothing that I ever knew


And when the rain is falling

I don’t feel it,

’cause you’re here with me now

And one look at you brownie

Is all I’ll ever need,

you’re all I’ll ever need


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